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What I Do

Though I studied Humanities, Media and Cultural Studies at Macalester College (2007) and wrote an MA in Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies (2011), my professional life began in public relations at a small agency called Panmedia Ltd. I soon transitioned into international development, working as a programme manager on education and youth empowerment projects at the British Council and CUSO International.


A curatorial role at the National Gallery of Jamaica (2013-2014) was finally an opportunity to combine my professional competencies (communications, research, project management) with my intellectual pursuits (textual analysis, postcolonial & critical theory).  


Today, I continue to draw on my diverse skills and experience to deliver projects in a range of fields, in collaboration with all kinds of partners and clients. My work takes three main forms:


  1. art and culture writing 

  2. curatorial projects

  3. writing and art related projects for corporate clients- WordSmythe Creative Content

Art & Culture Writing
Deborah Anzinger's Watershed at Biennial 2014
Curatorial Work
WordSmythe Creative Content
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